Yearning, is a novel that takes you into the lives of four individuals-Rachel, Samantha, Crystal and Robert-who desperately yearn for a change in their lives. Rachel Moore, an art gallery owner, has run a successful business for the past two years. Although she's happy with her current success, she's struggling to understand why she's failed to achieve the same results in her pesonal relationships. Samantha Richardson is a college student and single mother of two. She relocated to Minnesota from Texas years earlier, eager to make her own way, and finds herself torn between family and her new found independence. Crystal Jones, Samantha's cousin, is one of the best social workers in town; all her clients will vouch for that, but she has yet to convince Derrick that she's the best woman for him. Robert Moore, Rachel's big brother, is a successful attorney and senior partner at Nichols, Moore and Malone. Since his wife of sixteen years divorced him, he has been searching high and low for a replacement.

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Golden Valley, Minnesota


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