Carlotta Arradondo pens a novel full of twists, turn, drama, romance, and suspense. A family structure scattered and torn apart by abandonment, drugs and betrayal.

A COMBINATION OF ONE will leave you spellbound.

In A COMBINATION OF ONE, Meya Miller has lost the only man she’s ever loved, Travis Alexander Hamilton Jr. On a recent doctor’s visit she discovers she’s pregnant. Before she has an opportunity to tell him she finds out he’s just been married. Humiliated, hurt, and betrayed, Meya, unhappy and depressed, is forced to make a life altering decision. She found herself looking for love anywhere she could find it.

Kamarin Wilson is out to get what’s rightfully owed his Uncle Nicky. Minnesota is just the place he knows he’ll find it. In the process he never expected to meet someone special and fall for her so quickly, but this imminent connection cast a hazy light on a relationship cast a hazy light on a relationship he hoped could be.

Alana Wilson has just about everything she’s ever wanted, except she longs to reunite with her siblings. But first she must come to terms with the fact that she’s lacking more than that. She’s absent a life she can be proud of. She’s stolen a hundred grand from her estranged husband. If she doesn’t return it quickly there could be deadly consequences to pay.

Carlotta Arradondo is a mother, grandmother, author, publisher, and the CEO of Black Lines Publishing. A COMBINATION OF ONE is her second novel.


    Golden Valley, Minnesota


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