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The Revitalization Crisis in Minnesota

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I recently had an opportunity to explore my old neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I was devastated by what I saw. Buildings we’re dilapidated in desperate need of repair. The destruction stretched from Hennepin Avenue to the Mississippi River, and I realized at that moment that my old community was in ruins.

And it seemed not enough people were interested in repairing the damage the looters, and vandals left behind. And this left me to wonder, did someone order a strike to destroy small businesses in Minneapolis?

The neighborhood looked like a war zone. A constant reminder of what the community lost. It felt like cruel and unusual punishment.

The most unsettling part about all this, is that the businesses hardest hit were the small mom and pop shops. This left me to question once again, What’s really going on?

Is there a war on the middle class and working poor? A majority of workers lost their jobs, their unemployment benefits running out, and individuals and their families are barely getting by.

In addition, able bodied individuals who have an opportunity to work are afraid to accept gainful employment due to COVID-19.

Moreover, we can barely go outside our homes without the constant worry of catching the Coronavirus for just simply walking done the street. And unfortunately there seems to be no stimulus relief package in sight, Meanwhile, the rich keep lining their pockets, while the poor are expected to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.