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The Impact of COVID-19

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

If my memory serves me correctly, it was Wednesday, March 11, 2020, sometime after 2 p.m. I was dropping my students off at home from school. I can remember one of my students concerns so vividly. It was heartbreaking.

It happened right before my student exited the bus, and it was at that moment my heart sank. One of my many students said to me, and I’ll paraphrase. “I hope my dad doesn’t lose his job, and school doesn’t shut down.”

COVID-19 had officially come to Minnesota, leaving a majority of us confused, frustrated, looking for answers, and wondering is this real?

It has been four months since my brief discussion with my former student, and school had indeed been shut down.

However, today plans are being made on what the new educational model will look like in the fall. Which may consist of hybrid classes. Online some days, in school other days. Dividing students into small groups in order to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus, etc.

But the impact of COVID-19 will leave a permanent scare on the entire world. A wound that is going to take sometime to heal. The Coronavirus had not only left my student concerned and worried for his father’s stability in the work force, but it also disrupted my student’s educational plan for the future, and overall well-being in one single day.