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Please leave the damn key on the night stand

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

With the election finally behind us, and the president and vice president elect chosen, some of us are left wondering what will happen on January 20, 2021. Will our current president and his administration hand over the keys? I mean that would be the most logical thing to do. And I for one would certainly hope so, but I’m not so sure.

That wise decision from the president still remains to be seen. After all, the president and his administration have been deliberately holding up the transition process. So who really knows.

However, after January 20, 2021 our current president and his administration will have overstayed their welcome. The lease will be expired, and there will be no more executive orders left for him to sign. Time will have indeed run out.

So this should be a no-brainer right? Vacating the premises in a timely manner, and leaving the White House nearly identical to the way in which he found it. Surely that must be on the top of his most important things to do list. Right?

Well, somehow I’m feeling a tad bit concerned with the current state of affairs at the White House, and I haven’t been able to shake it since the election. It appears our current president doesn’t want to leave. He wants to hold onto the presidency like a bad habit he doesn’t seem to want to let go. It’s likened to a bad relationship where the abuser refuses to leave even after the police have arrived. Which I actually find Ironic, since I can recall our current president saying something along the lines of the White House being wire tapped, and riddled with a possible infestation of some kind, the kind you’d find that scatter when the lights come on. Hell, at this point I’m surprised the president and his administration aren’t running each other over trying to make it to the exit door.

However, my suspicions suggest, that this is not the case, and this should be of grave concern to everyone watching. Especially with the current environment such as it is, playing out right before our very eyes. I mean at this moment our current president is refusing to admit that he even lost the election. I stand corrected. I just got word that the president now admits he lost, but he still won’t concede.

Furthermore, based on the presidents history in the White House for the past four years, consisting of the Wall, the infamous pussy grab, sexual encounters with porn stars, paying off strippers, cages, indictments, impeachments, COVID-19, the economy rising and falling at a rapid pace, unemployment on the rise, mail in a ballot or not mail in a ballot. The United States Postal Service becoming enemy number one, delayed mail, the highjacked mail box fiasco, coupled with the phase “Stand Back and Stand by,” the Trump flag flying trucks, The Million Mega March Hat rally in Washington, DC, the rigged election, election litigation, and no stimulus check in sight. Damn! I’m out of breath just talking about it. I don’t know about you, but my head feels like it’s about to explode.

In the midst of all this chaos, has the president forgotten that it’s the people’s house, and every vote counts. Although, the electoral college does have a say. And in my opinion there definitely needs to be some changes made there. But It’s certainly not up to the president alone to vote himself back into the White House. This is not a hostile takeover Mr. President, the people have spoken, and it’s just about that time for you to start packing your belongings and heading home.

Hell, In all my years of voting it’s been unheard of for a sitting president to reelect himself by himself back into office. I mean In what country is that allowed? Never mind.

So again, I’m feeling a tab bit concerned, frustrated, and left to wonder and worry, will our current president and his administration be forced out of the White House like a bunch of common criminals? Or will Trump and his administration go quietly, and simply just leave the damn key on the nightstand.

Carlotta Arradondo

Author | Owner | Publisher and CEO of Black Lines Publishing

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