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Plans Deferred Due to COVID-19

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

In the new world of COVID-19, just about everything in the free world has been shut down. From the Mega Malls to the barbershops, to the hair and nail salons, to the tattoo parlors, etc. And for me, living life in this moment has been a real pain in the ass. This is the thing, I love to frequent the mall. Sometimes, I even dance while I’m shopping.

Shopping is indeed my therapy, next to getting my hair and nails done. And did I fail to mention, I had plans to get a third tattoo. I’d been putting that off for quite sometime now.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has definitely put a real wrench in my plans, and has devastated me immensely. COVID-19 has deferred my trip to Greece, to my relocation efforts, that I still have yet to decide which city and state I’d ultimately like to settle down in.

For most of us COVID-19 has changed our lives forever. And at this moment, I still haven’t figured out whether or not it’s for the best or worst. Although, I’d rather be alive than dead from the spread of COVID-19, or the crazied maniacs out here killing folks for no reason, or perhaps, just for being black.

In addition to all that, I do know for a fact that I must make new plans for now. Whatever that looks like, I don’t know, but I need to start planning whether I like it or not.

Because at the end of the day, I have to rearrange my plans In order to exist on the planet. Although, making new plans is frightening and scary to me, I have no other choice. It’s a must, and imperative that I do so. It has to be done.

However, I’m hopeful that my future will still be bright. I’ll wear my protective gear against the spread of COVID-19. I’ll stay safe at home when I can, and continue to wash my hands vigorously and repeatedly. I hope you’ll do the same. And in the meantime, my plans are deferred due to COVID-19.

Carlotta Arradondo

Author | Publisher and CEO of Black Lines Publishing, LLC

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