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Empowerment and Validation

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Throughout my life I have found that feeling a sense of empowerment and validation from others has not always been a given. Often times, I have felt as though those two very important words have been a constant struggle to obtain.

Often times, empowerment and validation have been something I’ve had to request routinely, because it wasn’t easily offered up when I needed it the most. To this day, I often find myself asking questions, and expecting validation in return, such as “How does that sound? Or what does that look like?” Now usually it’s when I’m writing a piece. But that’s okay. Everyone could use an editor.

However, sometimes I’m baffled when I hear people say, “I don’t need validation.” Well, okay, but sometimes we get so caught up in what we don’t need, we often forget what we do. The truth is, we all need to feel validated and empowered. And unfortunately, we may not always feel empowered or validated by friends and family, so, it is important that we always find the time to validate and empower ourselves.

So I encourage you today, to take sometime to lift up your fellow brothers and sisters, and let them know that they are worthy of validation and empowerment. And rest assured, your encouraging words will go along way.

Carlotta Arradondo

Author | Publisher I

CEO of Black Lines Publishing, LLC

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