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COVID -19 and Daily Living

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

With the rising numbers in COVID -19 cases it’s a wonder any us can maintain our sanity. We are unable to go about our daily lives without being constantly reminded that wearing our protective gear is a must, and any attempt to step foot outside our door without it is irresponsible.

Unfortunately, not everyone heeds this warning. Some of us strongly take this pandemic seriously, while others do not, and it is this resistance that has contributed to more COVID - 19 deaths.

I recently had the privilege of working with healthcare providers, and some of them worried whether it was safe to work outside their homes. And a few of them even urged me to quit my job for fear the coronavirus would affect my very being. Well, I didn't want to quit, I enjoyed working with the doctors and nursing staff, and I loved helping the residence get on with their daily lives. I truly learned a lot and I believe my small contribution helped in carrying out the mission of the healthcare facility.

However, I couldn't help but notice that the COVID-19 numbers were steadily on the rise, and even as I write this the number of people affected by the Coronavirus is mounting.

Unfortunately, It didn't seem to matter how much cleaning was being done at the healthcare facility, or how many times the residence were moved from one unit to the next, there was still no relief insight. Not to mention, It was hard enough witnessing people die of natural cases, but to add COVID-19 deaths on top of that was devastating.

In my opinion the daily responsibililies of healthcare workers is overwhelming, and they ought to be rewarded for the tireless effort they put into their jobs each and everyday to ensure their patients get the best possible care. Their contributions to society should never go unnoticed. Especially when we know COVID - 19 is real, and the numbers are climbing. This makes it even more important to protect ourselves at all cost.

The choices we make today to protect ourselves against the spread of the Coronavirus could save a life tomorrow.

Stay safe.

Carlotta Arradondo

Author | Owner | Publisher and CEO of Black Lines Publishing, LLC

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